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BOTCH – a cybernetic parts shop was discussed early on in the project as a shop window that could be dressed with props. A cybernetic arm and optical implants are displayed. The arm was sculpted in ZBrush on top of one of the default ZBrush models, then given a hard surface look using the hpolish and damstandard brushes.

Initial concept for shop front

A large syringe was created as part of the shop sign, inspired by similar props outside the shops and clubs in the Prague level of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This was scaled down as the shops were re-designed.

Cybernetics shop interior asset examples

The actual shopfront design of Botch went through a lot of changes as we pinpointed the actual look of the shops area. The design became more sleek and futuristic as the shopping area became modelled on Covent Garden, an area home to more upmarket shops.

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